DermaFRESH has a built-in cleanser that really lathers up for a bath that’s the next best thing to your own bathtub!

The cleanser in DermaFRESH is pH-balanced and gently exfoliates for softer, healthier skin.
It’s as simple as this: just add one tablespoon of water to the glove’s striped side and rub to produce a handful of rich lather. Use the striped side to wash, then use the white side to dry. No rinsing required!

Compared to basins and washcloths, DermaFRESH is the clear choice. No expensive microwave or warmer, less waste because you only use what you need, and virtually no threat of cross-contamination! Basins can spread infections in all kinds of ways. With DermaFRESH, simply dispose of the biodegradable glove after bathing. No muss, no fuss.