• AAMI PB70 Gown

AAMI PB70 Rated Isolation Gowns

June 5th|

MedPro Defense® offers gowns that conform to AAMI PB70 levels 1 to 4. All these MedPro Defense® gowns feature generous sizing which allows for a greater range of movement along with ultrasonic seaming which greatly reduces the chance of leaks and tears during use.

  • AAMI PB70 Gown


June 4th|

Smart Gowns

It is important to protect health care workers but not every situation calls for the same type of gown. S2i (Surgical concepts brought to Isolation) Having the right precautions in place is key to protecting workers. The AAMI PB70 Guidelines were developed based on needs and standards for surgical gowns and drapes
  • Coated Fluid Repellent Gown

Isolation Gowns

June 3rd|

Standard Gowns MedPro Defense® offers a range of isolation gowns that address the needs of healthcare workers.  Spunbond fabric for basic visitor and nurse protection, multi-layer gowns for higher risk procedures and polyethylene gowns for impervious protection for short procedures are all available with different features and colours for added institutional flexibility.