Traditional hospital transportation of waste has many failure points beyond the initial area of-contamination. These failure points expose patients, personnel, and community environments to cross contamination and higher infection risks.

The chain of disposal is continuously engaging with a potential infection source. A transformational approach requires a sustainable end-to-end solution, which protects people and surfaces from physical and aerosolized pathogens at every stage, regardless of access to a macerator, and factors in operational constraints, such
as costs, infrastructure, and the time to implement.

Any new system should not place increased burden on frontline staff, neither contravene health guidelines. It should also conform to the Pollution Prevention Plan (PPP) as set out by cities, including Vancouver, Canada.

We have it all
The MedPro Defense Waste Management System can help you:

  • Optimize infection control and waste management effectiveness anywhere in your center.
  • Improve compliance and reduce errors by using products that work in any situation.
  • Ensure that the equipment your staff needs is running properly more of the time.
  • Reduce the impact that human waste management has on the environment