DermaFRESH FAQ2018-07-13T16:42:35-04:00
How much water do I need?2018-07-13T16:10:18-04:00

DermaFRESH only requires a small amount of water:
1 tablespoon-worth is a good indication. Dousing and wringing of the glove or sponge may cause some of the cleaning solution to rinse away.

How many gloves or sponges do I use per person?2018-07-13T16:11:41-04:00

One glove is enough for most average sized adults. Your institution’s specific bathing or infection control protocols should be followed.

Does DermaFRESH require rinsing?2018-07-13T16:15:55-04:00

No, the cleansing solution does not need to be rinsed off.

How do I dispose of DermaFRESH?2018-07-13T16:19:39-04:00

Both DermaFRESH Gloves and Sponges are biodegradable. Dispose of it as you would normal refuse. Do not flush it down the toilet.

Can I use the same DermaFRESH Glove or Sponge over and over again?2018-07-13T16:22:36-04:00

DermaFRESH Gloves and Sponges are single use only.

Can DermaFRESH be used on all skin types?2018-07-13T16:43:42-04:00

When used correctly DermaFRESH can be used on all intact skin. As with any product, if someone is known to have skin sensitivities, it is always prudent to test a new product on a small patch of skin before using it everywhere. Sensitivity to a component of the cleaning solution would likely appear like a sensitivity to soap, as reddening of the skin or slight itching.

Why is it important that DermaFRESH has a pH of 5.5?2018-07-13T16:32:06-04:00

Cleansers with pH 5.5 are slightly acidic and maintain the skin’s acid mantle. Keeping this layer allows it to act as a natural defense against bacterial infections. Research with other pH 5.5 products, such as exam gloves, has shown that they cause less dryness and irritation than products that do not have this feature.

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