Haigh Macerators

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MedPro® Defense® Panaway® Macerator

Haigh Classic+ Macerator

  • Designed to process up to four pulp products
MedPro® Defense® Quattro® Macerator

Haigh Quattro® Macerator

  • Automatic start on lid closing
  • Up to 4 units / cycle
MedPro® Defense® Icomaster™ Macerator

Haigh Incomaster™ Macerator

  • Briefs, Pads, Polyethylene disposal
  • Up to 4 units / cycle
MedPro® Defense® Solo® Macerator

Haigh Solo® Macerator

  • Pulp disposal for isolation wards and single rooms
  • 1 unit / cycle
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