DermaFRESH™ Cleasing Wipes
DermaFRESH™ Cleasing Wipes
DermaFRESH™ Cleansing Wipes

Ideal for use with MedPro Defense® waste management products, commodes and appliances.

Soft, thick and impregnated with a gentle cleansing solution, DermaFRESH™ flushable personal wipes represent the ideal solution for patient care. Not only do they clean better than tissue, they are also larger than most wipes on the market (9” x 12”), allowing your staff to use fewer wipes per patient.

These wipes are made of specially milled material so they can be disposed of in most toilets and macerators. This reduces the handling of waste as well as the volume of garbage generated by your facility.

Moreover, by allowing you to clean patients more efficiently and simplifying its disposal after use, DermaFRESH™ flushable wipes contribute to your institution’s efforts to control the spread of infections.


DermaFRESH™ Cleansing Wipes

  • 24 wipes per pack, 24 packs per case.
  • Large, moist soft wipes gives user confidence when cleaning themselves or a patient
  • Compatible with most pulp macerators available on the Canadian market.
  • Larger wipe lets you use fewer wipes per patient
  • Appropriate for North American toilettes.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Latex-free.

AMG Medical #: 760-070

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