Have confidence in our protection

The level of fluid protection needed to effectively protect staff varies from floor to floor and often patient to patient.

AAMI PB70 Gown
MedPro Defense® offers gowns that conform to AAMI PB70 levels 1 to 4. All these MedPro Defense® gowns feature generous sizing which allows for a greater range of movement along with ultrasonic seaming which greatly reduces the chance of leaks and tears during use. Available in both universal and extra large sizes.

The AAMI PB70 standard was developed to set reference points by which institutions can evaluate protective gowns and surgical drapes. These objective criteria allow large organizations to easily standardize the selection of protective gowns as well as allow the user to choose the most appropriate protection at a glance.

Adjustable neckline
MedPro Defense gowns feature a tape tab neck closure that allows the neckline to quickly and easily adjust to a wider variety of people. Tape tabs are a more user-friendly option for wearers who suffer from arthritis or limited mobility.
Colour coded for quick visual identification

  • Level 4 – Red – Available with your choice of comfortable latex-free knit cuffs, sturdy elastic cuffs or versatile knit cuffs with thumb loops.
  • Level 3 – Green
  • Level 2 – Blue
  • Level 1 – Yellow